C-YARK BC-1150E Ampilfier 500W USB/SD/FM



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® 2U rack mount design with high quality aluminium alloy panel.
® Including 6 buttons to control ON or OFF of each zone and 1 button for fire alarm.
® The digital module includes USB port and SD card slot
® Mute function: Input has priority level ( Front MIC 1 overrides all other inputs).
® Applying newest separation circuit design for convenient repairing and maintenance.
® Output module has a cover to prevent it from damaging by other machines.
® Excellent device of radiator cooling fan that ensures working effectively.
® The perforated back panel and a high-speed fan keep the amp cool.
® It supports Bluetooth and is with LED to display status.
® It has 3 AUX inputs, 3 MIC inputs, internal MP3 player and FM.
® Master volume control are provide for overall tone control.
® Treble and bass volume control.
® Output module has a cover to prevent it from damaging by other machines.
® Built-in MP3 and FM function to play background music directly and no need for another audio facility.


1.Power: 60W/100W/150W/200W/250W/350W/500W
2.Input: 3 AUX inputs, 3 MIC inputs(MIC 1 has Mute function for emergency input)
3.Output: 1 AUX output
4.5 point LED indicator
5.Model:USB / SD Card
6.File format: MP3/WMA/WAV
7.Multiple play mode:repeat; play/pause; previous/next; vol+/vol-;EQU(equalizer)
8.Remote controller
9.Power transistor: Samsung brand
10.Protection:Short-circuit/Over-load/Over heat

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Model BC-1106E BC-1110E BC-1115E BC-1120E BC-1128E BC-1138E BC-1150E
Rater Power 60W 100W 150W 200W 280W 380W 500W
Output Model 70V 100V 4-16Ω
Input Sensitivity 500mv/10KΩ
S/n Radio >85db
Freq Response 80Hz~~15KHz
Power AC 220V~~240V/50Hz~60Hz
Dimension(mm) 60W-280W: 485*370*90mm, 380W-500W: 485x390x90mm

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