C-YARK C50B 50W Amplifier Me Bluetooth/USB/FM



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  1. The C50B has thermal protection for working stability. It’ll power-off automatically when overheat.
  2. Excellent device of radiator cooling fan that ensures working effectively.
  3. Playing progress can be seen on screen when the USB is playing.
  4. Output module has a cover function to prevent it from damaging by other machines.
  5. The perforated back panel and a high-speed fan keep the amp cool.



1.Rated power:50W
2.Input: 1MIC input: 600Ω / 2mV(-55dBV), 1AUX input: 10KΩ/150mV(-17dBV), 1MP3 input
3.Output: 70V 100V /4-16
4.Frequency response: 100Hz – 16KHz
5.File format: MP3/WMA
6.Play mode:play/pause; previous/next; vol+/vol-;equalizer
6.Treble and bass control
7.Remote controller
8.Cooling fan and heat sink for over-heat protection
9.Power transistor: Samsung brand
10.Short-circuit/Over-load/Over heat protection
11.1.5U rack mount design, aluminum material, fashion appearance

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Model C50B
Rated Power 50W
Harmonic distortion <0.1% at 1KHz,1/3 rated power
Output Mode 70V 100V 4-16
Input Sensitivity 500mv
S/n Radio Microphone1: 66dB, AUX1,2: 77dB
Frequency Response 100Hz~~16KHz
Bass ±10dB  at  100Hz
Treble ±10dB  at  10KHz
Power AC 220V~~240V/50Hz~60Hz
Dimension(mm) 250×220×60mm

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