Tastierë Mekanike Philips SPK8405, Led lights colorful efects



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  • 7-way large illumination, high-speed mechanical switches, full rotatable switch
  • Full rotation of the anti-ghost switch for complex fast inputs
  • Mechanical cyan switches are dialed for fast reaction
  • Lifetime of 50 Million Keys Per ScoreFull-key roll over anti-ghosting for complex fast inputs
    Fast complex gaming key strokes demand advanced performance. With full N-key rollover every key is registered independently without confusion so that each keystroke is correctly registered regardless of how many other keys are being pressed or held down at the time.50 million keystroke lifespan
    How long does it take to get to 50 million keystrokes? A long time. Familiar and reliable this keyboard is built to last for many years of fast action.Dialed-in mechanical cyan switches for fast reaction
    The most popular mechanical switches for gaming keyboards, Cyan mechanical switches offer gamers a light tactile clicky key for rapid activation and performance.
  • Three preset light maps are configured to light up just the keys used most in common games, from FPS and RTS games to Fortnite and eSports. Have a special map you want to use? Simple press-and-hold one of the M-buttons and select which keys you want lit up.

    By default, the keyboard is in Light Mode. Long-press the rotary knob for about two seconds and which the Media Mode. In this mode, the M-keys act as media naviga- tion control. Quickly pause playback. Repeat a song or skip to the next track in your playlist. Enjoy distraction-free control over your music while dominating the leader- boards, all without stepping away from the game.

    Philips created a feature-rich computer keyboard for gaming that also manages to be sturdy, streamlined and ergonomically compact. Its flat-spring design offers a wonderful tactile typing experience that manages to be fast, responsive and substantially satisfying. This keyboard fits perfectly in any gamer’s setup and instantly elevates your mood.

    The additional magnetic hand rest uses an ultrasonic welding technology perfected by Philips. It blends seamlessly with the full-injection surface of the keyboard itself. The palm rest adds a level of comfort to your hand as well as a layer of protection to your gaming desk. Attached magnetically, once it’s on, it stays.

Brand Philips
Model G405
Dimension 445 x 172 x 40 mm
Weight 966g
Color Black
Interface USB 2.0 wired
Other Features Five additional dedicated macro keys (Y,U,I,O,P), Ergonomic design, 104 Keys, Medium key travel

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