Wolft-Guard MC-07T1 (MC-07C) Senzor magnetik Wireless 433mhz



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MC-07C window/door sensor is consist of a transmitter and a magnetic stripe, when the magnetic stripe box is removed, the transmitter will send a wireless alarm signal to the host.

Key Features: 

1. Ultra-thin fashion design, suitable for a variety of door/window installation;

2. Shell buckle design, easy to install;

3. It can be installed on doors, windows or other objects that can be opened and closed;

4. Imported chip, ultra-low power consumption, stable performance;

5. Huge capacity lithium battery, more than 1 year standby time;

6. Tamper alarm;

7. Low-voltage alarm;

Items Parameters
Operating Voltage DC 3V (3V CR2450 lithium battery)
Standby Current ≤2uA
Alarm Current ≤15mA
Working Temperature -10℃~55℃
Relative Humidity ≤80% No condensation
Transmission Frequency 433.92+0.07MHz
Encoding Format EV1527/PT2262 optional
Launch Distance 80 meters (open area)
Transmitter Size 50mm*35mm*17mm
Magnetic Stripe Size 48mm*13mm*17mm

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